Welcome to Scotland360°! I'm Angus Mackie, a landscape and panoramic photographer based on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland

About Scotland360°

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Welcome to Scotland360°

Welcome to the Scotland360° website featuring photographic images from around Scotland. With Scottish images at its heart the site depicts and represents over 30 years of living, working and exploring in the Scottish Highlands.

The development of immersive techniques, technological advances and the growth of the internet have allowed for many new and exciting developments. Equipment, software and a broad imagination all inspire new perspectives and fresh approaches. More will be revealed in the following pages....

I hope you enjoy my images and perspectives of some of Scotland's wild and beautiful places.

Angus Mackie in front of the lens in the beautiful surroundings of the Loch Maree islands.

Photograph above courtesy of Alison Munro
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My Photography Services

With over 35 years of experience in landscape and outdoor photography, the Scotland360° website has much to offer.

With expertise in high resolution 360° photography and the use of interactive website media, my work in this specialist area is of the highest standard.

With a growing client list, I can offer online photography sales, web design and sea kayaking photography courses.

To find out more about the photographic services that I can provide and for more background, please visit my Services page.

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As well as a growing range of prints for sale, I also have a new Digital Download service for high resolution, lower cost, stock photography images of Scotland.

The collections are growing and if there are images not available in the online store, please contact me by email as I have an extensive stock library.


I am regularly updating my Facebook pages with a tour through time. The latest additions to my Facebook site are posted on my website here.

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Recent Blog Posts

SSSKEG and Scotland360° Sea Kayaking Photography Course

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This year saw the second Scotland360° sea kayaking photography course run for SSKEG, based at Benderloch and Appin. Building on the success of last year, this course was once again designed to allow everyone to produce great results from their cameras whilst sea kayaking and to get the best out of their own photography.

Continuing with the castles theme from 2015, I chose the wonderfully scenic venue of Castle Stalker in Port Appin which provided a focal point of interest as well as a landing spot on the neighbouring island. This allowed time on shore as well as in kayaks, to cover composition, lighting, action shots, technical use of the camera as well as making time to review the output.

From Kylerhea to Sandaig with the tide - and back again....

13th October 2015Photography, Sea Kayaking
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The Sandaig Islands have been on my kayaking bucket list for quite some time now. Situated at the southern end of the Kylerhea narrows, overlooking Skye and Glenelg, Sandaig is the setting for Gavin Maxwell's classic tale, "Ring of Bright Water", his story of living with otters on a secluded and remote corner of Wester Ross.

Tania and I had a few days on Skye and and the conditions were looking perfect for a paddle from Kylerhea to Sandaig and back again.... The forecast was settled, the tides were in our favour and we had the company of a couple of other paddlers - George from Greece and Roar from Norway.

As we were on Spring tides, the flow in Kylerhea was up to its maximum and we were fortunate to have the advantage of the south-going stream on our way down to Sandaig. Running at up to 8 knots on spring tides, this is quite a useful conveyor belt. With a leisurely stop for lunch and time to explore the islands for a while, our plan was then to pick up the north going stream which would assist us back up to Kylerhea once more.

Launching from the ferry slipway at Kylerhea, we had clear blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and no wind. The conditions were definitely in our favour.

Shetland - Classic sea kayaking in a sea kayaker's paradise

11th to 18th July 2015Sea Kayaking
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Closer to Norway than Aberdeen, Shetland has long been on my bucket list. Tania and I had planned a week's sea kayaking trip for nine of us and there were many trips on the itinerary. With good weather and great company, we were fortunate to explore some of the classic sea kayak journeys on Shetland.

Skelda Voe, the Isle of Vaila, Mousa Island and Mousa Broch, a circumnavigation of Papa Stour, exploring the tunnels and caves of Esha Ness and finally, an evening trip out to The Drongs - all made for a great week and in good company.

About Angus

Angus Mackie is a professional forester and photographer who has lived and worked in the Highlands of Scotland during the last 35 years and who is based on the Black Isle.

My interests include mountaineering, sea kayaking and ski touring all of which are incorporated into my photography.

I am a qualified Summer Mountain Leader and 4 star Sea Kayak Leader as well as a longstanding member of the Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team.

Please contact me page if you would like to know more about me or the photographic services I can provide.


Scotland360° Photography


With a broad and wide ranging knowledge of the Highlands, I am always looking for new locations and fresh perspectives for my photography. Using the natural light at spectacular locations is a key factor for me.

I specialise in 360° panoramic photography and have considerable experience and expertise in this field. Preferring a wider scale landscape format for presentation of my photographs, many of the images in my blog are presented in a wide format which I think conveys the sense of place more realistically.

Immersive, interactive photography is highly rewarding and has led to some exciting web based developments which are now finding their way on to the pages of this website.

I have a growing number of clients and my list of commissions ranges from the production of 360° panoramic images from the summits of Scottish mountains to photographic courses delivered from a sea kayak.

My Services

Online Sales and Stock Photography

In addition to the photography portrayed on this website I also have a large and comprehensive stock library of Scottish photographs. I specialise in mountain and sea kayaking photography and my collection is ever expanding. From sunrise to sunset, I have images capturing weather, seasons, summits and surroundings. With expertise in high resolution 360° photography and the use of interactive website media, my work in this specialist area is of the highest standard. To find out more about purchasing my images online please click here.

Clients and Commissions

I have a growing list of clients and commissions with subject matter ranging from high resolution panoramas to website production to the provision of sea kayaking photography courses.

To find out more about my commissions and clients, please click here.

Sea Kayaking Photography Courses & Land Based Photography Courses

Sea kayaking photography courses are a more recent development. Launching this initiative in 2015, I have provided a series of successful sea kayak photography courses in association with Skyak Adventures and SSKEG with new courses for 2016 being provided for Skyak, SSKEG and for the Inverness Canoe Club. Later in 2016, I will be providing a land based landscape photography course for the Ariundle Centre in Strontian.

To find out more about sea kayaking photography courses, please click here.