"....Angus Mackie and Gordon Brown laid on calm reflective seas and warm sunshine as they taught us about kayaking photography. Superb days with lots of fun and learning. My gear is all dried and put away and I have now had a chance to reflect on our 3 days. I really enjoyed our time together and I felt I learnt a lot about photographing kayaking and scenery from a kayak. Angus and Gordon were such entertaining and instructive coaches and everyone was such good company. I think I will need to renew my acquaintance with Kyle Rhea sometime soon to see if I can master a low brace turn without requiring a snorkel! I am itching to to try some of Angus's suggested editing techniques and maybe even a stitched panorama...."

Richard Bott


"...Thanks everyone for a fantastic 3 days. I enjoyed every minute - it was really good to learn how my cameras actually work - I might now read the instructions too!!! It was a great laugh and I really hope that I meet you all at some point again in the future for more paddling (and photography) antics..."

Jane Egan


"...It was a great 3 days, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and the company was excellent. Great to have a laugh at ourselves - and each other! I'm impressed with the results achieved in such a short time, and I now have worked out how to take bracketed exposures and sequential shots on my 'big' camera, having read the instructions. Thanks all for your company, and Angus and Gordon for making it happen..."

Alan Motion


"... 'twas indeed great fun. But more than that - thinking about the photography and playing with cameras adds another dimension to the paddling..."

Alex Sykes


These are just some of the comments from this year's Scotland360° / Skyak Adventures sea kayaking photography course. To see more of the photography, discover some of the secrets behind successful photography from a sea kayak and enjoy the highlights from the three days, please read on....

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Day 1 was land based - which was probably just as well given the pouring rain and storm force winds, but it provided the perfect opportunity to commence the course at the Skyak Base. We reviewed photographs brought in by course members, learned what makes a good photograph even better and spent time understanding the principles of photography. We also took the opportunity to look into the technicalities of cameras and to better understand the settings and how best to use these whilst out on the water.

Whilst it was wet and stormy outside, we made the most of the time indoors - particularly as the forecast was improving!!