Scotland360° Mountain Panoramas

Mountain photography can be extremely rewarding and, over time, I have taken many panoramic shots whilst out on the hills.

The initial interest developed into a serious undertaking after being commissioned by the BBC in 2009 to produce panoramic images on the summits of a number of Scottish mountains. Mastering the photography was the (relatively) easy bit - stitching and rendering the results was a challenge... Several thousand photographs later, the assignment was completed and I was able to further develop my skills and interest.

Mountain and Landscape panoramas complement each other well and I use these pages to reflect the fun and skill of panoramic photography.


Click on any of the photographs below and a new window will open displaying the panorama as a high resolution, interactive view. Having opened the panoramic image, use the controls to pan, zoom and navigate. Right clicking 360° panoramas will allow viewing in differing perspectives.