Scotland360° Shetland Panoramas

A sea kayaking trip to Shetland in 2015 provided me with an opportunity to compile a number of wide angle panoramas, some from my sea kayak and others taken from land.

Mousa Broch, photographed from the sea is followed up by a series of panoramas on the island of Mousa. The following day, the top of the hill at North Ness on Papa Stour provided a superb viewpoint in every direction. Over on the west coast, the grantite pinnacles of The Drongs are truly spectacular (there were, of course, many other photographs taken whilst kayaking around The Drongs). After a great paddle around Esha Ness, the nearby coast provided further opportunities for panoramic sea kayak photography. Our last day was spent at Sumburgh Head and this part of the collection features panoramas of Sumburgh Head, Jarlshof settlement and Clickimin Broch.

For more photographs of the trip and the story behind them, why not visit my blog, here.

Click on any of the photographs below and a new window will open displaying the panorama as a high resolution, interactive view. Having opened the panoramic image, use the controls to pan, zoom and navigate. Right clicking 360° panoramas will allow viewing in differing perspectives.