I have spent the last few months teaching myself how to fly a quadcopter. As anyone who has dabbled in this hobby will tell you, it's very addictive and there's a real sense of fun and satisfaction from steering a remote control "drone" and photographing the views from it. It's another example of how widely photography can be applied just with a little imagingation!!

Last Friday saw me on the local football pitch with quadcopter and point of view (POV) camera mounted from the fuselage. These cameras are fantastic bits of kit and should be part of every photographer's armoury. The ability to shoot video, stills and timelapse makes them particularly versatile.

I'll admit that the quadcopter is a bit of fun, but it's also opened the door to some otherwise unusual perspectives. It's heavy on batteries but high on enjoyment factor and so I'm still working out how to maximise the 8 or so minutes per battery for best photographic effect. Sending it high aloft is a particularly big drain on the battery but, as you will see, gives some great perspectives. This 360° panorama of my local village was obtained by stitching together a number of screen grabs from the onboard video.