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Scotland360° Sea Kayaking Photography Workshops and Phototours

Sea kayaking and the Scottish coastline provide the photographer with an ever changing canvas. Dramatic lighting, imposing scenery and atmospheric landscapes; all set against a backdrop of truly spectacular locations.

Sea Kayaking Photography Workshops

Scotland360° photography workshops will provide tuition in improving your photography skills in a sea kayak, matching weather and light to location and perspective. We will explore the importance of location, providing advice and tuition on the technical aspects of cameras as well as the most appropriate camera modes to use. Choice of focal length appropriate to the landscape will then guide you into exploring composition and perspective for this unique form of photography.

Lining up the shot on the Scotland360 / Skyak Adventures Sea Kayak Photography Course...
Sea Kayaking Photography Phototours

Our phototours are for those who would prefer to journey by sea kayak in some of the best coastal scenery in Scotland. Our journey allows us time, not only to savour and capture great views in spectacular locations, but also to explore composition and creative photography from a sea kayak and perhaps also from that stunning viewpoint on the shore, reached by no other means?

A day for enjoying the view and the skerries.

Scotland360° bespoke sea kayaking photography workshops and phototours are available in some of the most iconic coastal scenery in Scotland. Within a 60 mile radius of Inverness, west coast locations include Torridon, Applecross and Plockton whilst east coast choices encompass Cromarty, Fortrose and the Moray coastline. Perhaps you have a location of your own in mind? Please contact me and we can explore the possibilities.

Angus is enthusiastic and friendly as well as professional.  He believes that the learning experience should be fun as well as supportive allowing time to explore and understand location and how to use this to best effect. As a qualified sea kayak leader, Angus will also plan your day to take account of weather, tide and ability. Throughout the day Angus ensures that there is time for discussion and answering your questions.

Experience Level

If you have some experience of sea kayaking and would like to better understand how to compose and capture great images and photography from a sea kayak, these workshops are for you! Please provide details of your experience and ability when booking so that we may plan your day and develop your photography skills.

Timings and Prices

Scotland360° sea kayaking photography workshops and phototours run from April to October and all prices are based on an 8 hour day. Timings may be variable according to weather, tides and location.

All prices include Angus’s photography tuition and services as a sea kayak leader:

One to one tuition rates: £150 per day

Group tuition rates (2 to 4 people): £90 per person per day

  • Additional hours may be booked at a cost of £25 per hour – please arrange this with me when booking.
  • Sea kayak hire may be available – please contact me for further details.
  • A non – refundable deposit of £50 is requested to confirm all bookings. In the event of a cancellation due to weather, we will either make every effort to reschedule the day to a mutually convenient day or offer you a full refund, including your deposit.
  • Please note that costs do not include transport and accommodation.
  • Please bring along sufficient food for your day out with us.

To book a photography workshop or phototour with Angus, please contact me and let me know the dates that suit you and your photographic interests.

The 2016 Scotland360 / Skyak Adventures Sea Kayak Photography Course by the Skye Bridge (Photograph courtesy of Alex Sykes)
Skyak Adventures

Each year, Scotland360° and Skyak Adventures run a unique three day sea kayaking photography course based on the Isle of Skye. This course offers you a unique blend of practical instruction in photography both on and off the water, as well as tailored sea kayak coaching from Gordon Brown, the UK's foremost sea kayak coach. If sea kayaking and photography are your ideal combination, this course will cater for you!

Our 2017 course dates are 11th to 13th September and full details are available on the Skyak Adventures Photography page. Read more….

Why Choose Scotland360°

Angus has a broad and extensive knowledge of the Highlands and specialises in landscape and panoramic photography both on land and sea, with considerable expertise in this field. Preferring a wider scale landscape format for the presentation of his photographs, he is always looking for new locations and fresh perspectives for his photography; using natural light at spectacular locations is one of the key factors of his photography.

Angus has a wide ranging portfolio of clients and commissions ranging from the BBC to custom courses for sea kayak photography.

To find out more about Angus, read more….


07780 787034

Some fun and games from previous Scotland360° and Skyak Adventures Photography Courses

Gordon Brown displaying his unique sense of balance in a sea kayak
Richard in distorted reflection
As Gordon scoops water in his paddle, Richard catches the moment... (Photo courtesy of Richard Bott)

And some great captures from courses run for the Scottish Sea Kayaking E-Group at Castle Tioram and Castle Stalker

Water both moving and frozen in a moment of time. (Photograph above courtesy of Dave Watson)
Our classroom for the afternoon. Focus, composition and engagement. (Photograph courtesy of Dave Watson)
Experimenting with perspective. (Photograph above courtesy of Charles Hammersley)
Roddy in full flow. (Photograph above courtesy of Rob Burgess)
An action shot from Rob. (Photograph above courtesy of Rob Burgess)
Castle Tioram - a great backdrop for sea kayking and photography. (Photograph courtesy of Roddy McDowell).

And to finish... A selection of sea kayaking images from previous phototours and courses, featuring some of the venues we offer for our workshops.

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