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Scotland360° - Photography on a Map

“As a landscape photographer we should be open to possibilities, for one thing often leads to another.” - Michael Kenna

I find Michael Kenna's quote above very apt. For me, there are many ways to capture the landscape using photography, but I'm always looking for interactive options to present my photography. This website was first published in 2006, primarily as means of sharing my photographs in a series of galleries, arranged by topic. At that time, I was two years into digital photography, having moved from film and the superb Olympus OM1, OM2 and OM4 cameras.

Over 15 years later, the Scotland360° website has grown substantially - and the growth has been entirely driven by technology. Photography processing software is much more powerful and refined. Panoramic software is hugely improved and far more efficient. Drones and autonomous flights were unheard of back in the day and broadband is now commonplace with internet accessibility now possible from almost any device.

I enjoy finding new applications for technology and software and my website is a portal for presenting my photography. It's my shop window for commercial work but the same gallery groupings have persisted over the years to display my favourite images.

So here's my latest way of presenting my images. It seemed natural to look for a spatial, map based, interactive format to display photos and blogs slightly differently. Enter "Map Hub" from Map Box - a new way of navigating around my photographs of Scotland.

And if you happen to be interested in how the website looked, back in 2006, the screenshot below shows the Galleries from the original page. The content has changed but the groupings are still true to the original...

Scotland360° Website 2006

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